Treeway is looking for a Post-doc to support extensive bio-informatic analysis

Post-doc position for 3 years

In collaboration with the University Medical Center Utrecht, Treeway is looking for an enthousiastic post-doc who will be supporting extensive bio-informatic analysis of the genetic data obtained within Project MinE. Project MinE ( is the world’s largest research initiative devoted to discovering genetic causes, risk factors and disease pathways of ALS by collection of whole genome DNA sequences from 15,000 ALS patients and 7,500 healthy control persons. Integration of these genetic data with publically available biological pathway databases, drug databases and literature results, new biological pathways involved in ALS, new drug targets for ALS and repurposing of existing drugs for ALS might be identified and could as such lead to a new drug therapy for ALS.

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About ALS

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating progressive, neurodegenerative disease that causes death of motor neuron populations. The loss of motor neurons leads to muscle weakness, difficulty in swallowing, speech and eventual paralysis. Average disease duration is 2-5 years. It is an orphan disease with an incidence of 2 of 100.000, and a life chance of 1:300. Its occurrence is mostly between the age of 40-60 years, although also at other ages ALS is diagnosed. Of all diagnoses, 10% is familial and 90% is ‘sporadic’. For the familial form, different genes have been identified, although the exact mechanism of the cause and the progress of ALS is unknown. Currently, there is only one approved ALS drug therapy, riluzole, but this is prolonging life by only 3 months. Therefore, there is an urgent need for improved drug therapy.

About Treeway

Treeway is a biotech company founded by ALS patients, and our mission is to change the devastating disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) into a chronic disease. Treeway Therapeutics aims to do rational target validation and drug development with a patient-driven fast-track focus and we have established high-potential research and development focus areas up to clinical phase II/III program leading to orphan drug status and early access.